The Life of an Aerial Chain Goddess

Biography Resume

In this present life I was born and raised in San Diego, California; by my loving parents: John and Cookie Wirtz. My parents knew they were going to have there hands full when shortly after being born, my grandmother pointed out that I had lifted my head up to look at the world. My parents put forth every type of sport to keep my busy body occupied and to feed my soul. At age four I was already in gymnastics and ballet.


I trained at SDSU’s, Aztec Gymnastics until I was almost ten. Some of my earliest memories are that of me climbing the door-jamb in my room to the top and waiting for an

bio-pic unsuspecting victim to walk by so I could pounce on them. Amber; my sister; was two and a half years younger than me. To keep our minds active we would make up stories or put on shows for our parents. I still remember the enormous amounts of “Dippidy Doo”, we mushed into our hair so we could have Mohawks for our water shows. Both my sis and I played soccer for over ten years. Between the gymnastics, soccer, diving, swimming, dance and goofing off, my parents were kept totally busy. I don’t understand how they kept up with the crazy schedules we had.

I was not very fond of school; accept PE and art. Throughout elementary I would arm wrestle all the boys, and win. On occasion our class would have “sit-up


contests” with the class I was in. It was usually a rainy day and we didn’t get to go outside. Most of the time I had gone through all the kids and was still going. At least I put to good use the years of gymnastics. My senior year I was chosen “Most Unique”. In college I took general, with ballet. Soon after I became an Aerobics Instructor. While I was doing that, I decided to try massage school also. I got my license. Then began working in a massage establishment.I kept my license for over ten years. In 1992, I felt I wanted more training, something with more creativity. I enrolled in Cosmetology courses to fulfill this need. I worked in salons for nearly six years but still felt something was missing…

Feeling that part in my childhood gnawing at me, I decided to join an adult gymnastics group. It was great fun being able to do all the things I did as a child. I also progressed onto more difficult tumbling and that gave me back my the piece that I had wanted for so long. Creation, has always driven me. In school I worked best with my hands sculpting or doing physical tasks.


Now this feeling of self-accomplishment was taking me hirer than ever. One evening at the gym. Class, I saw a new face. She was very toned and extremely flexible. She told me she worked for the “Fern Street Circus”, in San Diego , and that I should check it out.


Needless to say, I went on to doing the Spanish Web. I was put into there show immediately. Fern Street circus, showed me what it was like to be in a family type atmosphere. They also teach children Circus Skills, for FREE!!!!

That has got to be one of the best things about them. I became a teacher for aerial acts. After 2 seasons with the Fern Street Circus, I wanted to get more training in the Aerial Arts.

Up til’now I was mostly self-taught. I looked around in Montreal, Quebec for a coach. A dear friend who was on the creative team of Cirque du Soleil , by the name of Pavel told me to go to Andre Simard. I applied to him and was accepted. I formed an act on the Silks, and cleaned my lines during the last few months of 1999. Now I could take all this knowledge and apply it to the many apparatuses I use. Andre invited me back to work for him, in 2000. I worked for him for a year then decided to go back to San Diego and make my own connections. Now with a husband whom I found in Montreal. He is amazingly talented in the graphic arts department, gets all the credit for the design of my web page and promotional products.

Since then I have strived to make my passions come true, and to be in the PRESENT MOMENT! I designed a unique performance on Aerial Chains over five years ago. My passions have taken me to: Stockholm, Venice, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dallas, New York and many more…. Now I am hired to perform at: Festivals, Corporate events, Movie/ Premieres, Videos, Nightclubs, Raves, Circuit parties, Product Launch, Modeling, and anything else is possible.

The rest is HER STORY!!!!



Brandy Wirtz, holds the title of Chain Goddess due to amazing talent in the visual arts of Aerial Chains and Silks. Diva Brandy, Chain Goddess, and BrandyChainz are only a few names this talented performer has been given through her performances art and special theatrical craftmanship.

Brandy is an international performance artist who specializes in Chains, Silks, Hoops as well as, Sparxx, Grinding and Fire. Defying gravity, this provocative visual artist is known to hang over 50 feet in the air; her athleticism earning her the 2006 Career Achievement Award in Visual Arts.

Chaingoddess Brandy has traveled the world and performed with Motley Crue, The Genitorturers, and more. She was also a featured performance during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Scream Awards on Spike TV, she also hung around while they honored Sir Anthony Hopkins her signature "Silence of the Lambs" pose.

Brandy has recently visited and filmed in Guantanamo Bay for the US Troops and their families. She is also Certified in Russian Kettlebells, TRX, Pilates and teaches Aerial Silks in private classes.