Fetish Factory Anniversary Parties
May 24 - 27 (Thursday - Monday), Memorial Day Weekend

chains image Schedule of Events
Thursday May 23
•Meet & Greet Chillounge Cocktail Party @ Mariott Pool

Friday May 24
•Free limo shopping trip to FF 1-7pm
•Beat & Greet Fetish Party 10pm-3am
•Free poolside afterparty @ Marriott 3-6am

Saturday May 25
•Free limo shopping trip to FF 1-7pm
•18-Year Anniversary Fetish Ball 10pm-4am
•Free poolside afterparty @ TBA 4-6am
Table reservations on 1st & 2nd floor of the Fetish Ball are sold out. Cabana and 3rd floor still available.

Sunday May 26
•Pervy Pool Party @ TBA 1-5pm
•Extreme Players Party 10pm-2am
•Free poolside afterparty @ TBA 2-5am

More info at the Fetish Factory website.

Aerial Skills & Thrills
Coming to a town near you!

hoopimage Seasonal Events
Summer 2013
•Meet the Aerial Artist Brandy Wirtz

Late Summer 2013
•Death Defying Twirls and Amazement

More info to come...